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Harvard Negotiation Institute


This course is designed to teach the concepts and skills that allow participants to initiate and maintain productive discussions in complex and emotionally fraught negotiations and conflicts.   Through lecture, simulations, and in-depth study of participants’ own challenges, we examine psychological and interpersonal dynamics that make communication challenging, and offer a framework for managing such conversations more effectively.  

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Triad Consulting Group

Founded by Doug Stone and Sheila Heen, Triad is a global consulting and corporate education firm based in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  

Whether you’re rolling out a major change initiative or seeking to improve the day-today management skills of senior executives, we can help.   We work to strengthen individual and organizational capacity in a range of areas, including:

  •           Difficult Conversations ™
  •           Feedback and Learning
  •           Negotiation and Problem-Solving
  •           The Influence Equation
  •           Making Teams Work
  •           Enhancing Impact through a Systems Practice

We offer executive education, intensive coaching, team intervention, mediation, and facilitation, keynote presentations and retreat experiences.   We partner with clients to design programs that respond to their context and challenges, ensuring that the approach is compelling, relevant, and realistic.   We know a lot of this is tough stuff, and we’re in it with you. 

Over the last fifteen years we’ve built a community of the most talented and experienced practitioners we know -- leaders in the fields of negotiation, psychology, communication, organizational behavior, and conflict resolution.

Triad Consulting Group is one of only two official vendors of Difficult Conversations ™ courses and coaching worldwide.

To learn more about us, and how we may be able to support what you are working to do, visit us at